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Turf Tips

Mowing Properly

Mowing seems simple, but can have the most effects on your turf. Mowing heights should be around 1-2" for most warm season grasses. St Augustine does best from 2-4". Keeping mower blades sharp is also crucial for healthy turf. A dull blade leaves the leaf blades damaged and exposes them more to disease and insect damage. 


Most turfgrasses in our area need anywhere from 1.5-2" of water a week for optimum health. This is usually enough to keep our sandy soils moist to about the 4-6" mark. The best time to water is early in the morning. Mid day watering is less efficient due to evaporation. Late evening/night watering promotes diseases from prolong leaf wetness. 


Fertilizing is necesary for healthy and vigorous turf. The soil naturally contains several macro and micro nutrients, but not all are available to plants. Fertilizing regularly will reduce weeds, disease, and insects from harming your turf. It will also increase root development and color.  

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