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Weed & Disease Control

What is a weed?

A weed is defined as any undesired plant growing in an undesired location. Weeds decrease the aesthetics of your lawn,  In addition, weeds compete with grass for available water and nutrients, usually resulting in thinning of desirable grass, as well as disease and insect infestation.


At Seaside Turf we have an aggressive system for weed control. We identify the problem, know the lifecycle, and take the necesarry steps to prevent further infestations. With the combination of knowledge, pre/post emergent control, and routine fertilization, we are able to keep your lawn weed free and beautiful. The best defense against weeds is healthy turf!

Disease Control

The majority of diseases are caused by fungi in the soil. This is more likely to occur on lawns that are improperly watered, scalping turf, mowing with dull blades, or nitrogen deficiency. Weather conditions such as humid, high temperatures strongly influence the occurrence of disease. Lawn disease control requires extensive knowledge and years of experience. It is important to remember that, different types of lawn fungus cause different types of lawn diseases.

Fungicide Applications should be applied to prevent spreading of lawn diseases. Our preventative program provides multiple applications to treat such issues, that are preventing your lawn from looking healthy and green. However, weather conditions favor lawn diseases. 

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